Downhole drilling motor

Part number:



Technical specification

Motor OD 2.36"
Part number DV236-P
Bit size (inches) 2.87…3.0
Max WOB (lbs) 6 613
Working overpull (lbs) 22 046
Absolute overpull (lbs) 55 115
Max operating torque (lb-ft) 1 085
Bit connection З-42
Pipe connection З-42
Max diameter of bearing section (inches) 2.36
Bend angle (°) -
Power section part number DV236.5.18
Max stator diameter (inches) 2.40
Lower arm length (inches) -
Motor length (inches) 114.17
Weight (lbs) 117

Energy characteristics

Motor OD 2.36"
Part number DV236.5.18
Lobes 5/6
Stator contour 1 600
Stages 2.6
Flow (gpm) 16…63
Speed at no-load (rpm) 120…320
Rotor (rpm) 1.660
Max differential pressure (psi) 285
Speed (rpm) 100…240
Torque (lb-ft) 116…174
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