Hydraulic single acting fishing jars

The SOKOL Drilling motors and tools Hydraulic Single Acting Fishing Jar is designed to apply an upward impact force. Left-hand and right-hand jars are available. Up jarring force is controlled by the amount of the drill string tension during the hydraulic delay, and down jarring force is controlled by the slack of the drill string weight during the hydraulic delay. Fishing activities with tool rotation do not affect the jar efficiency.

Technical specification

Size 79mm (3 1/8”) 108mm (4 ¼”)
Max OD, mm 79 110
Length, mm 3 600 4 000
Stroke, mm 279 218
Pump open area, cm2 26 58
Min thru bore, mm 25 50
Max pull during delay, kgf 18 600 31 700
Tensile yield, kgf 55 500 81 900
Torsional limit, kgf*m 500 1 000
Tool joint (may be customized) NC 23 NC 31
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