SOKOL Drilling motors and tools



The oscillator is designed to generate low-amplitude axial oscillations in the drill string and to decrease the downhole friction. As a result it improves transmission of WOB and decreases directional stress especially during directional drilling.

Oscillator improves weight transfer to the bit and BHA steerability. The tool is compatible with PDC bits, including drilling in marginal reservoirs and quick azimuth turns. There is a possibility for extended-reach drilling without reciprocation, wiper trips and fluctuations in weight transfer to the bit. The result is increased rate of penetration.

Oscillator enables extended reach drilling with significant increase of ROP, extended bit life, decrease of POOH and chance of differential sticking.

Technical specification

Property 3 ¾”
(120 mm)
6 ¾”
(172 mm)
(203 mm
Recommended flow range, l/s 9,5-17 25,2-37,8 31,5-63
Pressure drop generated, atm 38-45 42-49,2 41-48
Operating frequency 18-19 at 16,1 l/s 16-17 at 31,5 l/s 16-17 at 56,8 l/s
Threads as per GOST R 50864-96 NC 38 NC 50 6 5/8 REG
Oscillator power section OD, mm 124 172 203
Oscillator OD, mm 124 172 203
Power section length, mm 1860 2055 2410
Oscillator length, mm 2359 2570 2605
Overall length, mm 5943 5862 6748
Weight, kg 386 708 1174

Features & Benefits

  • Enables drilling of directional and horizontal sections without reciprocation or wiper trips.
  • Improved WOB transmission without excessive drill string compression.
  • Reduces downhole friction during directional drilling
  • Can be installed at any place in the drill string
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