SOKOL Drilling motors and tools



Roller is a rotary body with screw blades and three integrated rollers that rotate continuously, minimizing surface area and assosiated friction, providing greater stability and reliability in the most harsh environments.

Rollers reduce the downhole torque typically experienced using fixed-blade stabilizers which have greater contact area with hole walls. Compared to standard stabilizer wth stationary blades, rollers decrease well damage in brittle formations. Rollers are also less subect to wear in abrasive formations compared to standard blades.

Technical specification

Property Requirement
Connection 6,5/8 REG (З152) pin
Connection 6,5/8 REG (З152) box
Make up torque 6 500...7 000 kgf∙m
Roller OD 311.2 mm
Housing OD 210 mm
ID 70 mm
Totsl length 2000 mm
Qty of rollers 3 ea
Optimum flow rate 30-75 l/s
Drilling fluid specs: — sand, %, max 1
Drilling fluid specs: — oil, %, max 10, up to 100% possible
Max. Tempetature of fluid 150 deg. С (high temp up to 250)
Max. Axial load 290 000 kgf
Max. Tensile load during emergency POOH 410 000 kgf
Max. torque 8 400 kgf∙m
Weight 600 kg
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