Hydraulic double
acting fishing

Hydraulic Double Acting Fishing Jar is designed to jar both up and down. Only left-hand jars are available.
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Hydraulic double acting fishing jars

The SOKOL Drilling motors and tools Hydraulic Mechanical Double Acting Jar is the drilling tool applied for the release of stuck tools. In case of drill string stuck, the jar facilitates its release.

The Sokol Hydraulic Mechanical Double Acting Jars are specially designed to deliver hydraulic delay when jarring in the up direction and mechanical release when jarring in the down direction. A latch mechanism prevents the jar from releasing accidentally during drilling and tripping operations. Jarring intensity is controlled by the amount of the drill string tension during the hydraulic delay.

Technical specification

Size 86mm (3 3/8”) 108mm (4 ¼”) 172mm (6 ¾”)
Max OD, mm 86 110 176
Length, mm 5 400 6 400 5 900
Stroke, mm 533 635 635
Pump open area, cm2 38 57 153
Min thru bore, mm 38 50 70
Max pull during delay, kgf 22 600 31 700 86 100
Tensile yield, kgf 63 900 81 900 325 300
Torsional limit, kgf*m 600 1 000 3 900
Tool joint (may be customized) NC 26 LH NC 31 LH NC 50 LH
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